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Through Every Endless Night...

There is a Dawning Day.

Endometriosis in Memphis, TN
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This community is a work-in-progress at this point - this page will be updated and "made pretty" as I get my bearings with this whole "running a community" thing.

The basic premise is: this is a place for those who suffer from endometriosis, or the friends and family members of those people, to come and share their stories, get support, and be able to relate to others in their area. You don't necessarily have to be from Memphis to participate in this group...support is support. Memphis is where I currently live, which is the main reason why I used it in the community name.

Tips for pain management, doctors in this area who are sympathetic and helpful (let's face it...with this disease, they can be hard to find!), and general chin-up messages are encouraged.

HOWEVER - no back-talk, insults, or derogatory comments of any sort will be tolerated. When I say "no tolerance", I mean "no tolerance" - if you choose to snark at someone because you think they're complaining too much, you will be banned from the community.

There is only ONE rule in this community, and that is one of RESPECT: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. If you're getting ready to say something and you think it would hurt your feelings if said to you, then don't say it. Better to be safe than sorry, you know?

I will also encourage people to do no more than encourage others to do anything other that talk to their doctors or give recommendations about pain medication. Please do not offer to meet up with someone and sell them your Percocet. It sounds silly, but you'd be surprised.


Having gotten that out of the way - feel free to post whatever else you like. Rants, relaxation methods, fears, hopes, details (behind a cut if they're gross...let's be courteous) of your particular situation...whatever you like.

Family members and friends...and for the curious, as well...post questions and concerns. Ask away.

If you feel something is particularly sensitive, feel free to post it friends-only. Otherwise, feel free to post it publicly. There are no rules to what you can post at this time (none that I can think of, anyway), only a request that you'll be sensitive to the feelings of others when commenting.