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Endometriosis in Memphis, TN
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August 2006
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Out of sight, out of mind. [userpic]

If you're reading this, you might be one of 3 people:

1-Someone who suffers from endometriosis.
2-A friend/family member of someone suffering from endometriosis.
3-A curious passerby who's heard of endo, and either wants to know more about it, or just stumbled here for a definition. Or just stumbled here. Hey - I'm not picky. :-)

The thing these three type of people listed above might have in common is: They're all from Memphis, or are connected in some way to someone in Memphis by endo. Truthfully, I don't care if you're in New Jersey, Oregon, California, Canada, Virginia, the UK...wherever. If you're connected to Memphis, you're welcome here.

As mentioned in the userinfo, there is only ONE rule in this community: be respectful, please. There may be things written in here that do not mirror your beliefs or experiences, and you know what? It's really okay if they don't, and there's no need for you to combat something someone says *just* to prove a point.

And I'll repeat again what the consequences of being a doody-head (i.e. asshole) are: You WILL be banned. Sensitive material such as this has no room for snark. Contructive criticism? Okay. But there's a fine line, and if you cross it, you're gone. I just wanted to make that clear.

Please feel free to write an introductory post telling who you are and why you're here. History is optional...if you're a sufferer, please say as much (identification purposes only, for comments), but don't feel obligated to tell us your life story if you're not comfortable. All in good time. If you're a friend or loved one, tell us why you've decided to come into this community. If you're a curious bystander, let us know.

Questions? Comments? Go for it.

I'm not a wealth of knowledge by any stretch of the imagination, and this community is merely a place where people with a similar interest/hurdle in life can come and converse freely about the topic without fear of embarrassment...and this community happens to be centered around one location, just to give people a sense of, "Okay, so Jane Smith is going through this, too, and she only lives a few miles away..." This makes people feel less alone, and with a disease like endometriosis, that's an important feeling.

Updates to the userinfo page on specific discussion topics (i.e. public knowledge type things, not personal items) will be updated as they come, for easy reference.

So...again, welcome to the community. If there are any problems you wish to report, or any concerns/suggestions, please do not hesitate to email me at endo.memphis@gmail.com.

(no subject) - (Anonymous)
Re: Question...

I go to the OB-GYN doctors at Baptist Memorial Women's hospital off of Walnut Grove/Humphreys. The only one I've found that I trust is Dr. Counce, who is male, but he is very respectful of everything I've talked to him about.

Because I don't have insurance, I haven't been around to explore too much in terms of doctors...however, there is a Planned Parenthood office on Union, and I'm sure they would be more than happy to provide you with a list of doctors in that area who would be able to assist you. In fact, there is a doctor there (Dr. Smith, female), who I absolutely adored when I had to go there for some testing. She's knowledgeable, respectful, and very good at what she does. I would definitely go see her first, and I would absolutely trust whomever she referred me to.

Good luck! Sorry I couldn't be of much more help...this community is definitely small, and if you know of anyone else who'd like to join, please point them in this direction, and perhaps we can get a good network going on.

Please feel free to update in here with your experiences, so that other people can reference them. :-)

(no subject) - (Anonymous)
Re: Question...

No problem! Thanks for stopping by. Good luck!